The Guide Program

The Guide

As part of a unique multidisciplinary program developed by LOYAC, that builds interpersonal and communication skills, the Guides at Al Shaheed Park are a group of young Kuwaiti leaders, who believe in using their full potential and skills to help Kuwait regain its cultural, touristic, and educational significance through Al Shaheed Park.

The Guide Program

After successfully passing the interview process and the speech test, the guides then go through a series of interpersonal and communication training sessions to prepares them for their part time job. Once the guides are ready, they are then divided into morning or evening shifts, and are assigned to different zones at Al Shaheed Park. Their various roles include conducting tours for the visitors at the park by giving in-depth information and directions as well as reporting any incidents or emergencies. They also facilitate in the park activities and events making their everyday at the park an exciting journey.  

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