LOYAC's General Role at the Park

Al Shaheed Park is currently managed by Loyac - Lothan Youth Achievement Center - a non profit organization devoted to the development and empowerment of the youth. The Park Management’s vision is to help the visitors explore the Park’s landscapes, history, and culture, through a calendar of cultural and educational activities and events whilst creating a platform that engages the community. In addition to creating a cultural and educational platform, Loyac's duties extend into the overall property management of Al Shaheed Park's facilities, overseeing the park’s maintenance and cleanliness as well as ensuring safety & security for all the visitors at the Park.


LOYAC runs several programs for the youth to develop their professional skills, enhance their personal growth, and to help them find their sense of purpose by extending themselves to others. Today, 10 years since inception, LOYAC has grown to be the first choice of the youth in Kuwait when it comes to innovative and high quality programs. LOYAC was able to engineer several paradigm shifts in the Kuwaiti community by introducing youth as young as 6 years to community service and emphasizing on the importance of service oriented jobs in restaurants and hotels. In response to the needs of the youth across the boundaries of Kuwait, LOYAC opened its first chapter abroad in Jordan in 2008 and in Lebanon in 2009. At LOYAC, we believe in engaging in and fostering partnerships between the private sector, the civil society and the government. In 2010, LOYAC was certified as a Best Practice by UN Habitat and Dubai Municipality.

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