Al Shaheed Park Facilities


Al Shaheed Park’s Historical Museum focused on the history of Kuwait, its major battles and the Gulf War. Other facilities within the museum include the museum’s book shop, a cafeteria overlooking the memorial garden and pools, as well as a research room for the collection of historical data. There are two men and female prayer rooms within the museum office building.

The Habitat

Al Shaheed Park’s environmental museum dedicated to the Kuwait environment and bird migration. Within the museum there is cafe, a kids room, a gift shop and as well as a VIP lounge and a cafeteria outside opposite the museum entrance. The Mosque is located outside in front of the back entrance to the museum where the men’s prayer room is on the ground floor and the women’s prayer room in the lower ground level.

The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center at Al Shaheed Park is a two floor building with a cloakroom, a gift shop, a females prayer room and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace on the ground floor. A multipurpose room is available at the visitor center and can be utilized for all kinds of functions such as lectures or workshops or exhibits. At the first floor, there is a waiting area and the men’s prayer room as well as a restaurant with a beautiful balcony overlooking the lake and parts of the kuwait city skyline.

The Clinic

The Clinic at Al Shaheed Park is located in front of the administration and will be open for 24 hours.

The Underground Parking

The Underground Parking at Al Shaheed Park is a two floor car park with a total of 900 spots and beautiful oasis fountains. There are two main car park entrances to the park - a Blue zone (leading to the Constitution Monument) and a Green Zone (leading to the Habitat Museum) with elevators and escalators and 8 staircase entrances. Each zone in the car park is color coded to help our visitors remember where they parked.

Other Amenities at the Park

The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater is an open air theater that can be used for various events and activities such as concerts plays or performances.

The Jogging track

The Jogging track is a complete 2.5 kilometer rubber jogging track inside the park that allows the jogger to pass through and enjoy all the beautiful views inside the park.

The bicycle lane

The bicycle lane is located outside around the park.

The Circle of Peace

The Circle of Peace is the Al Shaheed Park’s biggest open grass area equipped with movable benches that can be used for various events and activities.

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